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Canadian Exploration Company Focused on Developing Exploration Assets in British Columbia

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Potash Demand and Growth

  • According to industry estimates, Canada has Potash resources of 7.3 billion tonnes – roughly 52% of the world’s supply.
  • Currently 11 mines in Saskatchewan produce the majority of Canada’s 35% contribution to the world’s annual production.
  • Potash prices have risen from $100/t in 2004 to over $400 currently.
  • The arable land per person in the world is declining, and weather patterns are becoming more volatile and extreme, fuelling demand for Potash which increases the yield per acre approximately 40%.
  • Between 2000 and 2009 Potash cumulative demand growth rate has been 40%+, outpacing Phosphate (+25%) and Nitrogen (+18%).
  • Annual world’s Potash demand looks to jump by nearly 20 percent from an estimated 49 million tonnes of potassium chloride in 2010 to 58.7 million tonnes in 2014, according to the Paris-based International Fertilizer Industry Association.

* The Company currently does not have a defined compliant 43-101 resource on its Alberta Potash Property. There is no guarantee that with further work one will be defined.